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Книга Kissed by Cat для Android

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  • Автор: Shirley Jump
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The Cat RulesRule #1: Cats have nine lives.Catherine Wyndham had used up her first eight avoiding mishaps and romantic misadventures. Now she had only one more left…and one last chance to find true love.Rule #2: Cats always land on their feet.Catherine usually did too, until she was waylaid one night by a purrfectly irresistible veterinarian, Garrett McAllister. He was so kind to her that soon her finicky heart began to melt, even though her inner feline told her she might be headed for a romantic crash landing!Rule #3:Good little kittens grow up, get rescued by the tom of their dreams and live happily ever after.Is that really a rule…or is it just another romantic furry tail?

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